VR Visuals

Besides taking "conventional" pictures, we create linked virtual tours that can effectively show your campus to prospective students or your business to prospective clients and customers

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, think what a linked virtual tour that allows a viewer to "walk around" your campus or business is worth. There can even be a soundtrack with voice over for each individual movie.

There are many "virtual tours" where you click on a map or building name and that particular node of the tour loads for you to view. With a linked virtual tour, as you look around a node, the cursor changes to indicate where links are and you can smoothly move from one node to another by simply clicking on a link. There can also be links to higher resolution still pictures and additional information.

Here is a 218 node, linked, virtual tour that covers a major portion of Culver Academies 1,800 acre campus:

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